• Old car instead of walking

    This newspaper on December 16 (reporter campaign correspondent Ssangyong ma) yesterday, an elderly walking car could run onto the highway. Thanks to the high-speed traffic police found in time, will this car instead of walking escorted by the high speed, to avoid the dangerous. Just like QQ car, ...
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  • 10 ways an E-bike can save money

    10 ways an E-bike can save money

    If you are thinking about buying an E-bike, but not sure about spending the money, this article might help you formulate the right decision. If you use it, an E-bike can actually save you money and pay for itself in a short time. Comfortebike.com has compiled a list of 10 ways an electric bike c...
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  • Chengdu will be built of scrap lead-acid batteries for electric bicycles recycling system

    “Economic Information Daily” correspondent from Chengdu City Environmental Protection Bureau, to improve the recycling network, improve recycling facilities and all kinds of places, so that pollution is reduced to a minimum, Chengdu will be the establishment of waste lead-acid batteri...
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  • Zhengzhou thorough investigation of irregularities elderly scooter

    Since December 15, Zhengzhou police department on investigating violations of elderly scooter on the road for the first time to investigate and impose a temporary suspension of the vehicle warning or a fine, the driver will be checked again in detention punishment.    In the morning, in the wa...
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  • Road Rules for Mobility Scooters

    Road Rules for Mobility Scooters

     In order to maintain active and independent lives, some disabled people and senior citizens rely on mobility scooters to get around. There are a number of laws across the country in various jurisdictions regarding mobilized scooters. It is important to be mindful of area laws and regulations re...
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  • What Is the Difference Between an Electric Wheelchair & a Mobility Scooter?

    Because of genetic issues, injury or aging, people sometimes have limited mobility and rely on wheeled devices to get around. These individuals have to choose between an electric wheelchair and a mobility scooter. Both of these devices will get a person where he needs to go in most cases, but the...
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  • Who is the most important traditional car manufacturers BMW electric car come out on top

    Who is the most important traditional car manufacturers BMW electric car come out on top

    In recent years, there have been media will say that the market in the sale of many electric cars, is nothing more than simply to meet California’s zero-emissions policy (in the 1990s, the policy requires that each zero-emission vehicles to be produced thousands of manufacturers selling ca...
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  • 10 Secret Intrinsic Benefits of an Electric Bike

    10 Secret Intrinsic Benefits of an Electric Bike

     This list is not being published on the front page because a lot of the contents in this story are secret. We who ride fast electric bikes have it good, and don’t necessarily want everyone to know how good we got it. We are experiencing the thrills of going downhill even when riding on the flats...
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