Who is the most important traditional car manufacturers BMW electric car come out on top

Who is the most important traditional car manufacturers BMW electric car come out on top

In recent years, there have been media will say that the market in the sale of many electric cars, is nothing more than simply to meet California’s zero-emissions policy (in the 1990s, the policy requires that each zero-emission vehicles to be produced thousands of manufacturers selling cars in California electric vehicles, hybrids and later counted as part of the zero-emission car, also some of the traditional low-emission vehicles are counted as part of the so vigorously promoted the development of hybrid cars) exist, who did not want to focus the company’s development and bet his life on the new energy vehicles.

   From 2010 Nissan introduced the first pure electric car “Leaf” date, four years later, hybrid vehicles has shaken off the chicken’s status, became the focus of each company competing development.

   According to the first ten months of our nation’s new energy vehicles (including pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles) sales statistics calculated the proportion of each company’s electric car sales (BMW i3 began from May sales, so only selected statistics 5-10 month). Some brands do a merger deal with, such as Cadillac and Chevrolet we go to GM’s unity.

   The final accounting for the following results:

   Tesla: 100%

   BMW: 2.3% (4534 electric cars, car sales 201 000)

   Nissan (Nissan): 2.1% (24,411 electric vehicles, sales of 1.17 million total)

   Ford: 0.9% (18,859 electric vehicles, the total sales of 2.07 million)

   General: 0.7% (17,969 electric vehicles, the total sales of 2.43 million)

   Toyota: 0.6% (12,321 electric vehicles, sales of 1.98 million total)

   What surprised, accounting for BMW electric car turned out to be the highest. We also noticed some interesting things.

   First of all, in just six months time, the BMW electric car sales accounted for more than the other vendors in addition to Tesla. And, If you look at October’s sales, which accounted for more electric car sales rose to 3.8%. If you weed out the mini and BMW’s Rolls-Royce brands, with an average sales accounted for the last three months of electric vehicles is as high as 4.9%. This means that from August to October, every BMW sold 100 units, there is an electric car. Second, Ford’s new energy vehicle development and do not get enough recognition, especially considering that it is mainly the electric products only that electric Fox. Finally, the top three vendors are selling electric cars, while the second camp manufacturers are basically selling hybrid.

   Tesla’s development has changed many people prejudices about lithium-ion battery technology. Once on the development of electric vehicles and their critics Anderman where Advanced Auto Batteries in October 2014 launched a study into the major manufacturers of pure electric vehicles (not including plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and increase program ) were ranked the degree of attention.

Post time: Dec-18-2014

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